How to force Trados to clean up a segmented Word document

The complex formatting of some Word documents challenges Trados to date. Working with the Workbench of the old Trados versions until 7.5 allows users to manually force segmentation even for those text items that cannot be processed automatically by Trados routines. What looks like an advantage during translation, turns into a problem when it comes to cleanup and target file generation, as Trados sometimes refuses to clean up documents containing such "forced" segments.

Solution: Enter your translation into the TM segment by segment, create a copy of the fully segmented document and open it in MS Word. To remove the segmentation from the document and generate the clean target version, Run the macro tw4winClean.Main
under Tools >Macro >Macros (MS Word 98-2003) or View >Macros >Show Macros (MS Word 2007ff).
Attention: This procedure does not update the TM. To ensure that all segments were saved in the TM, perform a control analysis against the updated TM. Export the updated TM and include the TM export in your final delivery to the client.