Useful Small Tools

Our recommendations for useful software tools:

CAT Weighting Tool – Free online tool calculating the cost to quote

– Password manager – All Your Logins in One Place

TreeSize Free
TreeSize Free shows the size of a folder including all subfolders and files. In an Explorer-like style, also the wasted space.

It is very easy to print the content of a directory with DirPrintOK.

Convert – 
Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions!

Ant Renamer
Ant Renamer is a free program that makes easier the renaming of lots of files and folders by using specified settings. It supports Unicode names.

Notepad++ – Source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.
  • Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding
  • User Defined Syntax Highlighting and Folding
  • PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) Search/Replace
  • Document Map
  • Auto-completion
  • Multi-Document (Tab interface)
  • Multi-View
  • WYSIWYG (Printing)
  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Multi-Language environment supported
  • Bookmark
  • Macro recording and playback

TrueCrypt – Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux. Last version – secure and fully functional: 7.1a for Windows

to be continued...